Lung Cancer Screenings Now Available for Eligible KanCare Recipients at No Cost

This month, a new policy went into effect making life-saving lung cancer screenings available to all Kansas Medicaid recipients who are at high risk for lung cancer at no cost. Effective on July 1, 2020, Kansas Department of Health and Environment added coverage for the low-dose CT scans to screen for lung cancer to KanCare. The American Lung Association in Kansas & Greater Kansas City applauds this move and encourages everyone who is eligible to get screened.

“Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer here in Kansas and across America. Screening is used to detect lung cancer early when it is more likely to be curable. In fact, if lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving five years or more improves to 59 percent,” said Sara Prem, advocacy specialist with the Lung Association. “Now that lung cancer screening is covered by KanCare, many more residents will have access to this life-saving screening.”

Through KanCare, people who meet the eligibility requirements can receive a lung cancer screening at no cost. You are eligible for initial lung cancer screening if you are between the ages of 55-80, have a 30 pack-year history of smoking (this means 1 pack a day for 30 years, 2 packs a day for 15 years, etc.), and are a current smoker, or have quit within the last 15 years.

“While we continue to urge the public to take precautions against COVID-19, given the critical importance of screening for lung cancer, you should not delay this test,” said Prem. “We encourage Kansas residents who meet the eligibility requirements to speak with their doctor. Once your doctor orders the screening, the CT scan itself is painless and takes less than a minute.”

Learn more about lung cancer screening and take a free online quiz to determine your lung cancer risk at More information KanCare’s lung cancer screening coverage is available here.

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