Local Pulmonologist to Present at National LUNG FORCE Expo to Educate Healthcare Professionals About Sleep Apnea

Today, the American Lung Association in New York announced that Dr. Archana Mishra, Professor of Medicine at the Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo, will speak at the national LUNG FORCE Expo on June 24, 2021, taking place virtually from 12p – 7:35p EST. 

The LUNG FORCE Expo is designed to educate health professionals about the latest trends, resources and research surrounding lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), COVID-19 and other lung diseases. Dr. Mishra will present on Sleep Apnea, a common disorder that interrupts sleep due to upper airways that repeatedly collapse when throat muscles relax during sleep, blocking the flow of air. Common signs of sleep apnea include snoring and choking or gasping while asleep.

“The pandemic has shined a light on the importance of continuing to support lung disease patients.  Chronic lung disease affects more than 37 million Americans, and it is crucial that healthcare professionals remain educated on the latest trends, research and treatments,” said Kaelyn Gates, Development Director at the Lung Association. “It is an honor to have Dr. Mishra featured at this important event, which aims to help providers improve the lives of those affected by lung diseases, such as lung cancer and COVID-19.”

The national event will also highlight topics including health disparities in lung disease, lung health and climate change, preventing burnout for healthcare professionals and much more. View the full agenda here.

The LUNG FORCE Expo takes place on June 24 from 12 p.m. – 7:35 p.m. EST. Registration is $100. More information and registration are available on the LUNG FORCE Expo website.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Solomon
(516) 680-8927
[email protected]

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