Lung Cancer Survivor Starts Kentucky Nonprofit to Raise Awareness, Funds for Research

To be recognized at Breath of Fresh Air Gala on October 7th

After Lindi Campbell was diagnosed with lung cancer, she and her husband started a nonprofit organization in Kentucky to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research. Because of her impactful work in the community, she will be recognized at the American Lung Association in Kentucky’s Breath of Fresh Air Gala in Louisville on October 7, 2022.

“A year after my diagnosis, I began to realize my messages about lung cancer and my own personal experience with the diagnosis were causing people who had never paid attention to lung cancer start to take notice, so I knew I had to continue my advocacy on larger platforms,” Campbell said. “In January 2019, my husband and I formed the nonprofit, Breath of Hope Kentucky Inc., so we could continue to serve our state, the disease, the lung cancer community, and work alongside other nonprofits to unite forces for change.”

Campbell grew up as the youngest of nine children in a home of smokers. She was an exercise aficionado who never smoked and was in the best shape of her life until she was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2017. She had two lobes of her right lung removed and was considered cancer free until the cancer returned in her other lung years later. Campbell has been on a targeted drug therapy for two years now without her lung cancer recurring. She will continue to take this daily medication and get regular scans to monitor the success of her treatment plan. Campbell suspects the cause of her illness was radon exposure.

“Although you cannot see, smell, or taste radon it is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and the leading cause in people who have never smoked,” Campbell said. “For those who have been exposed to secondhand smoke and radon, like me, the risk for lung cancer is even greater.”

When she attends the Gala in October, Campbell will share what she learned over the past few years: Anyone who breathes is at risk for lung cancer.

“I go on day to day, proving to myself that this diagnosis gave me much more than it took from me,” Campbell said. “I came to understand that no one is immune from a lung cancer diagnosis, and I have since turned this horrible life circumstance into my life’s purpose.”

Campbell’s life purpose involves educating citizens about the dangers of radon and advocating to end Kentucky’s status as having one of the nation’s highest lung cancer cases and deaths. In 2022, it is estimated that 4,990 residents in Kentucky will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 2,730 will die from the disease. 

Campbell’s mission with Breath of Hope Kentucky is well aligned with the Lung Association’s work, making her a Lung Hero more than worthy of the honor she will receive at the Gala.

“I have watched the American Lung Association’s continued efforts to incorporate action driven radon awareness as part of their efforts to prevent a lung cancer diagnosis,” Campbell said. “When a national organization as well known as the Lung Association takes a stand like this, people take notice. We must draw in those who aren’t paying attention to lung cancer and help them understand that we are all at risk for getting this disease.”

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