It’s Personal! Local firefighter to Climb Allianz Field with Extra Purpose

George Diaz knows firsthand that nothing else matters when you can’t breathe
Firefighter George Diaz has participated in the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb for six years now and for the past five years has been the team captain for the Hanover Fire Department climb team. He’ll do it again this year at this year’s event at Allianz Field on May 6. 

The Lung Association’s mission resonates on both a professional and personal level for Diaz, “I know firsthand that nothing else matters when you can’t breathe”.  

Diaz witnessed several family members struggle with lung disease and he’s happy to embrace the opportunity to raise awareness for lung health and the work to end lung diseases.

“Growing up with siblings with asthma, I felt helpless at times when they had asthma attacks because I couldn't do much to help them. Now that I am involved with the American Lung Association, I no longer feel helpless. I can use my platforms to raise awareness and funds to do my part in the fight against lung disease.”

Diaz has 12 members on his team so far, and he personally hopes to raise $500 for the Climb.

“Each year, I am surrounded by incredible teammates who keep me motivated and focused as we train together for the event. As firefighters, we already have a unique bond with one another,” he said. “Still, this event allows us to build a special camaraderie forged around a shared notion of raising funds and awareness for lung disease.”

Diaz’s passion for the Lung Association’s efforts can be seen in his other career as well. As a professor, he is fascinated with the art of research and learning.

“The Lung Association’s efforts to end lung disease through research intrigues me. As a researcher, the process of discovering new information and/or validating current knowledge is riveting,” said Diaz. “By participating in the climb, I can help move the research needle one step closer to new discoveries just by raising funds for continued research.”

George Diaz is available for interviews, and you can contact Janye Killelea at [email protected] or (312) 940-7624 with requests.

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James A. Martinez
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