This Morning: Fight For Air Climb Raises $250K at Coors Field

1,000 people attend outdoor event to support Lung Association
This morning, 1,000 people raised over $250,000 at the American Lung Association in Colorado’s iconic Fight For Air Climb at Coors Field.

The Fight For Air Climb returned to Coors Field today all to raise awareness and funds to support the 680,000 Coloradans living with lung disease. Funds raised help end lung disease and support the Lung Association's efforts through research, education and advocacy.

“We are very grateful to everyone that came out to support lung health and so proud of the funds raised,” said Donna Peace, Executive Director, Lung Association in Colorado. “Thanks to their determination we raised $250,000 to help ongoing efforts to end lung cancer and lung disease.”

The Lung Association looks forward to next year climbing event and continuing its commitment to improving lung health and preventing lung disease.
For more information, contact:

James A. Martinez
(312) 445-2501
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