American Lung Association Applauds Colorado Action on Zero-Emission Vehicles Today

Advanced Clean Cars 2 rules adoption promises increased sales of zero-emission vehicles to improve air quality and public health.

Today, Colorado joins the growing list of states taking bold action on zero-emission transportation to protect the public from harmful pollution from passenger vehicles. The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) officially adopted Advanced Clean Cars 2 (ACC2) rules that set the state on a target for 82% Zero-Emission Vehicle sales by 2032. This rulemaking package takes important steps to clean up the air for Coloradans. 

Nick Torres, Advocacy Director of the American Lung Association in Colorado issued the following statement in response to today’s vote:

“The rapid shift to zero-emission transportation is vital to addressing Colorado’s air quality problems, particularly for disproportionately impacted communities. The AQCC took critical steps today toward cleaning up Colorado’s air and reducing air pollution from the transportation sector. Our state is a leader in adopting zero-emission vehicles, and we applaud the AQCC’s adoption of rules to accelerate the transition. We celebrate this meaningful change while also acknowledging that the Commission stopped short of adopting the strongest possible version of a Colorado Clean Cars program. We will continue our work to ensure that all Coloradans have cleaner, healthier air.

 The Lung Association’s Zeroing in on Healthy Air Report noted that Colorado could see enormous public health benefits – including preventing more than 850 premature deaths and 31,000 asthma attacks - by 2050 if a widespread shift to zero-emissions transportation and clean non-combustion electricity were to occur. Both the Advanced Clean Cars 2 and previously adopted Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rules will move Colorado families closer to achieving these health benefits.

 The American Lung Association supports the widespread and rapid shift to zero-emission transportation as vital to improving lung health and saving lives. The standards set by the ACC 2 and ACT rules are vital to this transition.

 Everyone in Colorado will benefit from the cleaner air that these rules provide. The American Lung Association’s annual State of the Air 2023 report noted that Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs all ranked among the nation’s 25-worst cities for ozone pollution.”

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