Climb at Truist Field, Catalyst for Local Businessman to Continue to Drive Forward While Living with Asthma

Markus Hill climbs with asthma to raise money to end lung disease

With less than a week until the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb, Markus Hill reflects on why he supports the cause year after year.  North Carolina’s only Fight for Air Climb will take place this coming Saturday, March 26 at Truist Field, Home of the Charlotte Knights.

Growing up with asthma was a daily struggle for Hill, not only physically but also emotionally. “My parents were always concerned about my inability to breathe regularly.  I was often hesitant to go to sleepovers or to overexert myself with certain sports, in fear I might have an asthma attack,” shares Hill.  As a child, Hill’s parents struggled with limited resources in a small town to find care. Often the pediatrician would provide emergency house visits to dispense lifesaving treatments needed immediately in times of aggressive asthma attacks. While many may think of asthma as a childhood lung disease, at the age of 55, Hill continues to confront his lung disease daily.  Hill has been extremely cautious at critical times, even living away from his family for several months in a remote area at the height of the pandemic in 2020.   

While Hill is reminded daily of his own personal conflict with asthma, Hill also sees asthma from the perspective of a father. Harrison, Hill’s son, also lives with asthma. “Having lived through asthma, is totally different than watching your son go through those painful, life-threatening moments. That is why I am so passionate about supporting the Lung Association, and I will continue to help in any way I can,” shares Hill.

Hill serves as a member of the Local Leadership Board for the Lung Association and continues to be “so appreciative of the many community outreach programs for schools and adults alike, webinars, connections to doctors and resources provided by the Lung Association to those living with lung disease or lung cancer,” remarks Hill.  Additionally, Hill appreciates and recognizes the positive support he receives professionally by his employer, Rodgers Builders.  As the Chief Information Officer for Rodgers Builders, Hill works regularly on job sites where drywall and other building necessities are commonplace and can impact breathing. “Rodgers Builders realizes those potential challenges and has instilled a healthy and safe work environment into the core of its business,” shares Hill.

Hill radiates determination and resilience as he shares the many reasons why everyone should participate in the Fight for Air Climb on March 26 at Truist Field, Home of the Charlotte Knights. “This Climb is meant for everyone, regardless of your being an elite athlete or someone just looking for an inspirational morning of fun and exercise.  When you climb over 800 throughout the stadium bowl, you will better understand what those living with lung disease or lung cancer may face every day – often a daily struggle just to breathe.  Once you’ve experienced the event, you will want to come back every year.” remarks Hill.  
Money raised at the Fight For Air Climb will fund the Lung Association’s efforts to end lung cancer and lung disease, as well as support the organization’s COVID-19 Action Initiative. The COVID-19 Action Initiative is a $25 million investment to address COVID-19 and protect against future respiratory virus pandemics. 

Registration for the Fight For Air Climb is $35 and requires an additional $100 fundraising minimum. For more information and to register, visit

For more information, contact:

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