Climb at Exploria Stadium, Catalyst for Local Woman to Become Her Best Self

Candace Griffin climbs in memory of her grandmother to raise money to end lung disease

Just over a year ago, Orlando resident Candace Griffin found herself in need of a “radical alignment” throughout every aspect of her life.  Encouraged by friend Raymer Maquire, that transformation began with her participation in last year’s Fight for Air Climb, a 1,000-step stair climb to support the American Lung Association.

After hearing about the Climb for more than ten years, Candace decided to take a chance and jumped in full speed.  With encouragement from her team, Ramblin’ Recruits, she participated in regularly scheduled practice climbs, ate well and turned her life around.  Today Candace is happier, stronger and feeling so fortunate sharing, “Last year’s Climb woke me up!  I didn’t realize how out of shape I was and now I’m on my way to becoming my best physical self ever.”  

“I would not be who I am today without my Nana,” Candace shares, as she explains another important reason why she climbs. Candace’s grandmother passed away over twenty years ago after many challenging years of living with emphysema. “Nana was such a positive female role model. She was an executive with Tupperware, world traveler and owner of a sports car. She was who I aspired to be when I grew up.  I think of her all the time as I unfortunately remember what a toll lung disease can take on an entire family, such a slow agonizing process. No one should have to go through that.”

Today, Candace continues to lead her best life - exercising twice a day, reading self-help books, eating well-balanced meals, spending time with those who matter most and raising her three children. “My grandmother taught me to go after what I want, the only ceiling you have to break through is the one you allow yourself to believe is there. You can be whoever you want to be, and I’m finally doing that.”  

Owner of Griffin Investments Group, a private capital and commercial lending company, Candace sees herself as someone who helps others create solutions. “When people are about to lose what they’ve worked so hard for, I try to provide positivity and help them see for themselves that there are viable options and tangible solutions.”

Candace radiates excitement as she shares the many reasons why everyone should participate in the Fight For Air Climb on February 19 at Exploria Stadium.  

“The Climb is so life changing.  It’s your chance to get moving, feel that spark of competition, and be a part of something that creates unity, and I promise, it will bring you pure joy – all while helping to raise funds for lung health.  This climb will make an impact on your life as it did mine. Because, honestly just think about it, when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”

Money raised at the Fight For Air Climb will fund the Lung Association’s efforts to end lung cancer and lung disease, as well as support the organization’s COVID-19 Action Initiative. The COVID-19 Action Initiative is a $25 million investment to address COVID-19 and protect against future respiratory virus pandemics. 

The Fight For Air Climb will take place at Exploria Stadium on February 19. Registration is $35 and includes a $100 fundraising minimum. For more information, and to register, visit

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