American Lung Association Supports Protecting Americans' Health by Maintaining States' Ability to Set Cleaner Cars Standards

In response to the announcement by the Administration that will revoke California's Clean Air Act waiver to set more protective vehicle standards, the American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold Wimmer issued the following statement:

"Today's announcement from the Administration prohibits states' ability to protect their residents' health. California's authority to set more protective pollution limits for motor vehicles – and 13 other states' and the District of Columbia's ability to follow those stronger standards – has propelled nationwide improvement in reducing tailpipe pollution and improving the air we breathe as well as the health of Americans.

"Cleaner vehicles and electric vehicles are critically important to fighting climate change, which is already impacting Americans' health. From increasing levels of ozone pollution due to higher temperatures to increased risk from wildfires and other extreme weather events, climate change endangers the health of all Americans, especially the most vulnerable such as children, older adults and those living with lung diseases.

"EPA's announcement today jeopardizes extremely popular, common sense cleaner cars standards – and endangers Americans' health. In fact, 74% of voters support the previous administration's fuel efficiency standards, with majorities among both Democrats and Republicans."

"To protect the lung health of all Americans, we will aggressively advocate for states' rights to set cleaner cars standards."

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