Failure of Proposition 30 A Missed Opportunity to Breathe Easier and Save Lives

 In response to the failure of Proposition 30, Will Barrett, National Senior Director for Clean Air Advocacy with the American Lung Association issued the following stateme: 

"California is home to the most polluted air in America and the defeat of Proposition 30 means that our path to healthy air remains long and rocky. Too many communities have waited too long for the type of relief that Proposition 30 would have delivered. Suggestions that we’ve done enough to protect community health ring hollow, and most don’t have the resources to consider leaving California for a breath of fresh air when pollution levels spike.  

It’s time for California to step up and truly support clean air for all—regardless of income—by making the benefits of zero-emission school and transit buses, heavy-duty trucks and all other vehicles accessible to everyone, and by ensuring that firefighters have the tools they need to address and prevent conditions that generate extreme wildfire behaviors.  Wealthy Californians who spent millions to sink Proposition 30 have delayed clean air for our most vulnerable communities." 


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