Arbuckle Hometown Holiday Stroll Goes Smokefree

Move aimed at reducing secondhand smoke exposure to protect communities from harmful effects.
The fourth annual Arbuckle Hometown Holiday Stroll on Sunday, December 4 officially will be a smokefree event this year.  The Arbuckle Hometown Holiday Stroll is the first ever smokefree event in Arbuckle, according to the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee (ARC) who oversees the event. North Valley residents that wish to share the joy of the holiday season can now look forward to enjoying the Arbuckle Hometown Holiday Stroll in a smokefree, healthier environment.

In partnership with the American Lung Association, the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee’s (ARC) event will no longer allow smoking or vaping on event grounds. The event celebrates the ARC’s core mission to “refresh, restore, and revitalize business and community pride in Downtown Arbuckle,” by ensuring all participants have an equal opportunity to enjoy a safe community gathering without the risk of secondhand smoke and harmful aerosols produced by vape devices.   

Smokefree events are an issue close to home for Elijah Rodriguez, ARC Vice President, “I had an aunt who loved to get out and do things, however due to breathing complications she experienced when around secondhand smoke in public places and having to carry around an oxygen tank, she could no longer come out as it was too much of a risk. Now, I am happy that all members of the community can feel comfortable joining us without worry.”    

Making an event smokefree helps reduce secondhand smoke exposure, demonstrates to community members that smoking and vaping is not the norm, and supports residents who have successfully quit or are trying to quit. Adult tobacco use tends to be higher in rural communities compared to the general population (25.6% vs. 14.6%, respectively).1 This is due, in part, to the tobacco industry’s targeted marketing strategies in rural communities that shape the cultural norms and behaviors and contributes to higher rates of tobacco-related cancers.2

As events like the Arbuckle Hometown Holiday Stroll go smokefree for the first time, we can make real progress toward reducing and eliminating the negative health impacts of tobacco on our communities. The Lung Association has helped nine events go smokefree in the North Valley region in the last two years and hopes to support many more.  

The American Lung Association is proud to provide sponsorships and smokefree signage to support local event organizers who host smokefree events in North Valley communities. If you are interested in making your community event smokefree or are interested in advocating for smokefree spaces as a community member, please contact our team at [email protected]

1 Citation: Rural Communities - Tobacco Free CA

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