American Lung Association Responds to California State Report Showing Transportation Funding is Misaligned with Public Health

Transportation and land-use decisions remain at odds with healthy air.

The California Air Resources Board has issued the latest Progress Report on Implementation of Senate Bill 375, California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 (Steinberg). Despite over a decade of implementation of this landmark law designed to support healthier communities, the report highlights the ongoing challenge posed by public investments at odds with meeting climate and clean air standards. 

Will Barrett, National Senior Director for Clean Air with the American Lung Association, issued the following statement in response:

“Cities and counties throughout California rank among the most polluted in the nation, with transportation and land use decisions deepening these crises. Unfortunately, this new report highlights an ongoing misalignment of state and local funding with optimistic projections of meeting clean air and climate standards. Coordinated, concrete policies and investments at the state and local levels are needed to build a transportation system that supports, rather than undermines, health and equity in California. We’re increasingly off course. 

Too many good strategies contained in regional sustainability plans are underfunded, backloaded or unauthorized in state law, while many higher-emitting roadway expansion projects are first in line for funding. Without coordinated political will, funding misalignment will continue to push California further off course from healthy, equitable and sustainable communities. Local and state leaders must act now to put transportation projects at the front of line that actually build healthier communities where people live and not just within the pages of planning documents.”

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