American Lung Association in Arizona Expands Leadership Board with Local Business and Health Executives

Organization’s mission to save lives by preventing lung disease and promoting lung health is furthered by strategic recruitment of strong leaders from across the state.

The American Lung Association in Arizona has added several new prominent local professionals to its Leadership Board as the organization looks to expand awareness and services throughout the state. Today, the organization announced that Peter Nez, a notable public health consultant with deep ties to Arizona’s Native American population, and Meenal B. Patwardhan, MD, MHSA, a prominent medical safety executive, have joined the expanding Leadership Board for Arizona.

“We are thrilled to welcome Peter, Dr. Patwardhan, and other new Leadership Board Members to the organization to expand the reach of the American Lung Association in Arizona’s lifesaving awareness, services, fundraising and advocacy efforts,” said Elizabeth Walton, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Arizona. “More than ever, Arizona needs strong public health leadership to address continued threats to Arizonan’s lung health, including climate change, growing lung cancer threats to non-smokers, loss of Medicare benefits, childhood asthma and more. Together, our organization is addressing each of these issues and many more to ensure a healthier Arizona to come.

Joining Mr. Nez and Dr. Patwardhan on the Leadership Board are recently welcomed members Madison Hernandez, a medical trainer for Boston Scientific; Jessica Martin, MHA, RRT, RCP, Program Director of Respiratory Care at Carrington College; and Kara Stoughton, Senior Business Development Director at PuriFi, an indoor-air quality management firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Together, the five new Leadership Board members represent the numerous aspects of our work in Arizona, and support our belief that, “if you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”

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