American Lung Association Poll Highlights Arizona Voters’ Calls for Cleaner Air

Third year of polling demonstrates strong support for transition away from fossil fuels.

Arizona voters continue to support stronger actions on air pollution and climate change. For the third year in a row, American Lung Association polling shows broad support for new public action on clean air and climate change.

“Our latest poll shows us that Arizonans see a real need and a real opportunity for our elected leaders to do more, and more quickly, to bring the benefits of zero-emission technologies home,” said JoAnna Strother, Senior Advocacy Director with the American Lung Association in Arizona. “Arizona voters have shown strong support over several years’ of polling for a transition away from fossil fuels and toward zero-emission technologies for a healthier Arizona today.”

The poll, conducted by Global Strategy Group, found that 80% of Arizona voters view air pollution as a serious problem, and 76% say the same thing about climate change. These numbers remain relatively steady since our previous polls, and over the last three years, more than three-quarters of voters have steadily rated climate change as a serious problem.

The Lung Association released this poll on voter perspectives about fossil fuels, zero-emission vehicles and clean energy as the Hobbs Administration and new Legislature prepare to take office in 2023. An overwhelming 62% to 27% majority of voters agree that these policymakers need to do more to combat climate change. A wide margin of voters also see these policies as having positive impacts on their own family finances.

Even with the recent passage of federal investments to boost clean energy technologies, a 64% to 28% majority of Arizona voters agree that Arizona “still needs to invest more to move to clean energy, clean up our air, and reduce the pollution that causes climate change.” And, by a 59% to 18% margin, voters say they will look more favorably on their own legislature if they support such investments. Moreover, support for these investments is robust, and holds steady after a balanced debate with messaging on both sides of the issue.

To address air and climate challenges, Arizonans broadly stronger policies and investments to move away from fossil fuels that cause air pollution and drive climate change and toward zero-emission technologies.  Specific policies with strong support among Arizona voters include:

79% support programs to increase energy efficiency of homes.

64% support more public charging stations, including in small towns and rural communities.

62% support the state shifting its investments away from fossil fuels and toward wind, solar, and zero-emission vehicles.

The majority of voters also support manufacturing requirements for zero-emission passenger vehicles (51%) and for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (53%), far outpacing those opposed to such measures (30%). Similar “Advanced Clean Cars” and “Advanced Clean Truck” policies have been adopted in a growing number of US States.

Arizona is home to some of the most difficult air pollution challenges in the United States, with nearly all residents living in communities impacted by unhealthy air. The air pollution crisis facing Arizonans is compounded by climate-driven events including extreme heat, wildfires and drought that accelerate exposures to ozone (“smog”) and deadly particle pollution. This poll intends to highlight ongoing demands for stronger clean air actions to improve the health and economy of Arizona families.

An analysis memo from Global Strategy Group can be found online here, along with topline results.

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