American Lung Association Calls on Senate to Protect Patients and Reject the American Health Care Act

Statement of American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold P. Wimmer in response to passage of the American Health Care Act by the U.S. House of Representatives:

"The American Health Care Act will harm patients with lung disease and lung cancer. The American Lung Association calls on the Senate to reject the American Health Care Act. Quality and affordable healthcare with key patient protections is necessary for the health and safety of the more than 32 million Americans living with lung disease.

"The bill passed today by the House of Representatives fails the millions of Americans living with lung and other serious diseases. It will leave far too many people without quality and affordable healthcare coverage, while at the same time, rolling back key safeguards that protect patients with pre-existing conditions. The bill also significantly weakens Medicaid.The American Health Care Act will also result in the elimination of the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which funds 12 percent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's budget.

"While the Affordable Care Act is by no means perfect, any changes to current law should prioritize preventing disease and preserving healthcare coverage for all Americans – regardless of income or pre-existing conditions. The American Lung Association urges the Senate to reject the American Health Care Act and instead take into account the needs of the millions of Americans with lung disease, cancer and other healthcare needs. The American Lung Association stands by,ready to work with the U.S. Senate on healthcare legislation that will improve lung health and prevent lung disease."

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