EPA Rule to Clean Up Truck Pollution Important Step to Protect Health

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles beginning in model year 2027. In response to the proposed rule, American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold Wimmer issued the following statement:

“Cleaning up pollution from dirty diesel trucks is a huge opportunity to improve public health and promote environmental justice. EPA’s proposal to limit heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emissions is greatly needed. Setting the strongest standards is especially important for people who live near a highway, truck stop, port or distribution center. 

“Trucks represent a small fraction of total on-road vehicles but generate the greatest share of harmful air pollutants. Exposure to traffic-related pollution is a serious health hazard to those living in communities with heavy truck traffic. The mixture of emissions has been linked to poor birth outcomes, reduced lung and cognitive development, development and worsening of chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and increased risk of dementia, cancer and premature death. Transportation is also the largest source of pollution driving climate change.

“We have the technology to improve air quality and reduce the health impacts from truck emissions. According to the American Lung Association’s recent ‘Delivering Clean Air’ report, in communities with major trucking routes, the transition to zero-emission trucks and electricity would save 66,800 lives by 2050.

“We thank EPA for today’s proposal and urge the agency to finalize the strongest rule. These standards must dramatically reduce emissions from trucks to drive a nationwide transition to zero-emission vehicles. This transition is critical for improving public health, advancing health equity and addressing climate change.”
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