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Neetu B., IN

My father was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis on April 19, 2021. His doctor kept him on antibiotics for 15 days and gave him steroids but his cough and breathing problem did not settle, although his oxygen level was always normal. He did face breathing problems and the doctor told us to continue the medicine for the next few days, but his condition deteriorated. We got him admitted in hospital and again he was started on antibiotics. His weight was 41 kg at that time and the doctor suggested a different medicationand steroids. He was discharged in a week’s time when his condition became stable, but after a week his weight further reduced to 36 kg. The  doctor said to give the new medication only once a day as his weight was going down 

However, his lung condition did not improve much when we did CT again in August of 2021, so we got him admitted admitted and they started with antibiotics again for 10 days. He was then discharged as he was stable.


We were advised antibiotic 500 mg for 10 days and then 250 mg then after but as we took him home he could not even get up from bed and had coughing on and off and breathing problem. 

Finally one sad day his pulse got to 135 and BP was shooting to 180 and 100. We tried to settle it with medicines for few hours but as it did not settle, so  we rushed to hospital.

We were told that his lungs had filled with water and doctors could not save him .

I read online that there is no cure for this disease, and I decided not to share this with my papa. I told him we could make his condition stable with medicine, as he was quite emotional and I did not want him to feel the pain. My sister, myself and my mother started spending more time with him sharing lots and lots of happy memories to try to cheer him up so as to lessen his problem, even though we will lose him in six months. When he was better we made him do mild exercises suggested for lung fibrosis

I would love to join ongoing research program about PF.

First Published: January 14, 2022

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