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Jose A., CA

My name is Jose Armas, I'm a 64-year young Latino male to recently went through a bi-lateral lung transplant. I was diagnosed with IPF. At my worst, I was at a lung function of 42%. My last spirometry came in a 131%—WOW. 

Words cannot express or convey my gratitude for all that helped me along this journey, my wife, my doctors, my family and friends but most especially to my donor.

I received my lungs, March of 2022, six months later I was cleared by my doctors to return to work under restricted conditions of course. I believe my story can help others as my life journey has been one of severely struggles prior to my transplant. The most improbably of all is that I am a recovering addict that celebrated 28 years of sobriety this year. Had I not dealt with this affliction and walked through it I would never have made it to the donor list.

I would very much like to give back to this community as a volunteer, sharing my journey with those who have just discovered they have a lung disease and may have to go through what may seem like endless degrees of test, doctor visits, emotional roller coaster etc. Although my post-transplant journey has just begun, I'm off to a great start.

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