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Anthony M., CA

My COVID-19 story: First and foremost, thank you to my wife Lisa Mendoza for taking care of me. Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses at the hospital I stayed at, and thank you God, spirit and my friends and family for helping me get through this wicked illness!

 When I was sick, I literally wanted to die. I felt so terrible that I just wanted it to end. I don’t wish this on anyone. August 12th was the last time I was at work. I tested positive for COVID on the 14th. On August 19th, at four in the morning, my incredible wife Lisa woke me up to check my oxygen level (she had been checking it all day, apparently I was not looking good.) Even with my CPAP my O2 level was 85. She told me, "Get your shoes on, we’re going to the ER."

We got to the ER and I said goodbye and told my wife I loved her. At that point, we really didn’t know if we were going to see each other again. I was admitted and they immediately started me on oxygen, an antiviral drip and injected steroids. I was in the hospital for five days! The nurses were so good to me and so sympathetic because I still wound up in the hospital despite being vaccinated. One of the nurses told me that there were patients in the ICU in their 30s passing away. In their 30s! So crazy!

I was released on August 23rd, and I still was not feeling well, but at least I did not need to be in the hospital. A week after my hospital stay I had my first follow-up appointment with my doctor. It was a hard conversation. She straight up told me, if I wasn’t vaccinated, there is a 95% chance I would have died. I was diagnosed with COVID-19 infected pneumonia.

So now, here I am, seven weeks later, and I’m going back to work this Monday. I have amazing coworkers, they sent me a get-well-soon bouquet of flowers and a card from everyone. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of it. Anyways, I am a little nervoust to return to work because I still have the brain fog that’s associated with COVID. I am hoping that with a daily routine, it will get better. Please, if you haven’t already, please, PLEASE get vaccinated. I almost died! The only reason I didn’t, was because I am vaccinated. And I still had to go to the hospital, but I am grtateful that I didn’t have to be intubated!

First Published: October 6, 2021

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