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John B., FL

I want to address people about the gravity of lung diseases. My son began battling asthma at the age of 12. He experienced recurring asthma attacks and respiratory difficulties, leading to multiple hospitalizations. Over time, he disregarded the severity of his attacks, relying on steroids and rescue inhalers to manage his asthma. He pursued a lifestyle akin to others, including exposure to animals, despite being an asthma patient—a decision he should never have made. Nick possessed a selfless nature, prioritizing the well-being and happiness of others above his own.

On June 9, my son Nick headed to work as he did every day. Upon arrival, he experienced an asthma flare-up, a common occurrence. Seated in his car, he utilized his breathing machine. Observing his struggle, a co-worker signaled for assistance and dialed 911. Simultaneously, his HR manager, arriving for work, also noticed the situation and aided Nick while awaiting the EMT's arrival. Unfortunately, Nick went into respiratory arrest, followed by cardiac arrest. Swift action from the EMTs led to his prompt transport to the hospital. By June 14, he was declared brain dead. Given his generous spirit, he had chosen to be an organ donor. We respected his wishes, and his organs were donated to individuals in need. Nick was honored through a hospital honor walk, and we are aware of three lives he was able to save through his donation.

In honor of my son, I am motivated to speak out and emphasize that lung disease, even for a non-smoker as young as 30 years old, is profoundly impactful.

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