Zelita W

Zelita W.

May 8, 2015 I was diagnosed the adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Detection at stage 1B. The cancer was discovered after have a annual mammogram plus a breast MRI because of a family history of breast and other cancers. Needless to say I was not expecting this type of news at all!

At the time I felt many different emotions, non were of defeat. But a roller coaster of emotions no doubt. Early stage was a comfort to hear, inside I heard not to fear I was going to be just fine. I wanted to cry but that to me meant defeat! So, I didn't say cancer out loud at all. I thought of not telling anyone and just doing what was necessary to get this thing out of me. My family (mother) was my biggest concern it was Mother's Day weekend. I was hosting a family cookout already planned. I chose to wait until later and called my family later all the same day. It was hard to say Cancer out loud I didn't want to own it! My family was strong so is our faith. There is strength in numbers and this battle isn't a singles battle.

I went to CTCA for a second opinion and had my surgery and treatments there. The battle still marches on because cancer is always a threat to us all. I choose to keep fighting because I love LIFE and I want to be healthy. The fight is tough and sometimes a struggle, good days, bad days, but we all have experienced life that way. I am thankful to be alive and stronger each day. Get your check-ups, visit your doctors routinely, know your close family's medical history. Stay Healthy!

First Published: October 14, 2016

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