Tracy O

Tracy O.

My husband, Kevin, was diagnosed with stage IIIa squamous lung cancer in January 2015. He underwent radiation and chemotherapy in March and April, then underwent RLL lobectomy in May followed by another round of chemotherapy as maintenance in July.

The initial fear of the unknown is overwhelming. Kevin showed so much strength and how he handled all of this was amazing to me. Yes, he had many days he was very tired and didn't feel well, the radiation caused him soreness swallowing and at the end of treatment he had lost nearly 30 lbs. and his hair. But his attitude and mind set that he would get through this did not falter. He is my hero. I cried many tears during the early months but his inspiration overcame even my dark days.

In August, he received a clean (NED) CT scan. He even returned to work in September and slowly he's regaining his energy and weight. He is living his life and we are grateful that he has been granted more time. His next scan is in December and we try not to dwell on it, but focus on our time now. Sometimes it takes something awful to make you appreciate your health and all the good that is in your life.


My husband Kevin had a CT scan on 12/23/2016 that was clean-NED. He is feeling good and his life activities are very much the same as before his diagnosis back in January 2015 and we appreciate every day of life more than ever.

First Published: October 30, 2015

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