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Timothy J., KY

We learn from observing the examples of the lives which came before us. Of my four grandparents, three smoked. The one who did not is still alive at 98 years of age. Next to her was my paternal grandmother who smoked infrequently and dipped snuff. She lived well into her eighties without the horrible coughing that plagued both my grandfathers till they died, each in their early 70's. Both basically choked to death in their sleep, and smoked all of the time I was around them. My parents provided a better example. I love them every one, the ones who showed me what not to do, and the ones who showed me a better way to live. We all must die but shouldn't we first live well and long? One thing that stands out in my mind now is how much time and resources they diverted from living to just making smoke. I wish I could have had more good times with my grandfathers, it's sad that a dirty ashtray is the fragrance that reminds me of them.

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
Detroit, MI | May 29, 2024