stage4survivor H

stage4survivor H., NY

An Interesting Journey... Started with a focal visual seizure which precipitated brain MRI revealing 3 brain tumors measuring 1cm, 1.5cm and 2.5cm over the optic chiasma. Chest CT revealed 1cm tumor in the LUL (left upper lobe). 2 weeks later stereotactic brain surgery to alleviate seizures. 2 weeks post-op, untreated pulmonary embolus (PE). 1 month post-op, 2 doses of chemotherapy. 2 months post-op, R VATS confirms new tumor is a PE. 3 months post-op, LUL wedge resection. Adenocarcinoma confirmed by brain and lung samples from LUL. 1 year post-Dx, large brain tumor regrew. GammaKnife for all 3 brain tumors. Astonishingly, despite starting as stage 4, all treatment completed November, 2000. No further treatment of any kind for the past 13 years, 11/30/13 was my 14th anniversary since Dx. Self-advocacy and aggressive treatment is the key.
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