Sandy G

Sandy G.

I started smoking at an early age and smoked a pack a day for 35 years. I lost my father and my older sister to lung cancer and only wish that they would have been able to take advantage of the low-dose CT scan that may have helped save their lives.

I quit smoking just five years ago and have always gotten a chest x-ray every year with my annual physical. Last year my doctor told me about the CT Scan that would now replace the x-ray and he said that it had a much better success rate in detecting lung cancer early. I was thrilled with the news and scheduled mine as soon as I could.

The test itself is easy, painless and I found it to be almost relaxing.  I was relieved to learn that my test was clear and so happy that my doctor told me about it. Based on  my family history I consider this screening to be a life saver for me and will have it done every year.

I encourage everyone to ask your doctor about the Low Dose CT Scan and to take advantage of this screening. Sometimes putting off finding out seems easier than dealing with an unpleasant result but in this case, it just might save your life.

First Published: August 24, 2017

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