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Roberta T., FL

In July 2016, I went to my primary physician for a check up. He knows I've been a smoker for 30+ years. He told me about the CT scan and asked if I would be willing to go. I said, "Sure, would rather go and if anything is there at least hopefully we can catch it early."

The scan itself was no problem. If you wear a t-shirt with no buttons you don't have to change out of your shirt. The whole process was quick and easy. You are not enclosed in anything so there is no anxiety if you're claustrophobic. I received a call from my doctor about two hours after the scan so I knew it wasn't good. They found a small tumor in my upper right lung. He sent me to a pulmonary doctor that sent me for PET scan and biopsy. It was cancer, adenocarcinoma. On to the surgeon.

I had surgery on September 23, 2016 where they removed the upper right portion of my lung. Everything happened so quickly after the scan it's all a big blur thinking about it. I was extremely blessed that it was found when it was. It did not spread to any lymph nodes. I only had surgery, no chemo or radiation. In a month I was back to work.

Thanks to my primary physician who cared enough to mention that I should have it done. I get a scan every six months and I'm still cancer free since the surgery. It's been two years and I tell everyone I see that's been a long time smoker to get it done. It definitely saved my life.

First Published: November 1, 2018

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