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Phyllis S., NY

I was given a CAT scan on all my organs by a new doctor. I had lost my sense of smell so a brain scan was the reason this was ordered by my doctor. Since I had no chest X-rays or scans from previous doctor, the whole series was suggested to rule out any suspicious conditions. Because of these scans my lung cancer was found.

I was not a smoker and had no symptoms. I go to the gym regularly and have no real medical issues at 71 yrs old. I look much younger and have full energy and a full social life. I ended up having 10% of my upper right lobe removed with VATS Surgery. Lymph nodes were clean so I didn’t need chemo or radiation. I was watched with low dose scans every six months for around 18 months. Then a biopsy was order and yes, it was cancer.

My breathing lung tests were an A+ so it would never have been found without this CT scan until it was too late. I was stage 1b. I am consider cured now and have retained just about full lung capacity. I will be getting scans every six months for two years then once a year. I can’t stress enough how happy and lucky I feel to have survived a potential cancer nightmare because of a scan. I believe these scans should be routine at a certain age some point and not just for high risk possibilities.

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