Patti S

Patti S., OH

My mom has had a cough several times in the last couple of years. Routinely diagnosed with bronchitis and allergies. Finally after 4 months of coughing this recent time they did an x-ray. They sent her for a CT scan. They said she has a mass the size of an orange. They also see cancer in her lymph nodes. They sent her for a PET scan and see something on her adrenal gland. She went for an MRI yesterday. She hasn't had a biopsy yet that is scheduled for next week. My sister is an oncology nurse and she is helping us navigate through this process. My mom is 74 years and has always been the picture of health. I need advice. I am completely stressed out and am having trouble sleeping. My dad has health issues and we always thought he would go first. My mom is very religious and I consider a saint in my eyes. I would trade my life for her in a minute. Not everyone is blessed to have a mom like I have. I am looking for stories of hope. I want her to live as long as possible, but not be so sick she can't enjoy her life.

First Published: July 13, 2015

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