Patricia M

Patricia M.

I smoked for 46 of my 67 years of life. My husband, Chucky, begged me quit cigarettes but I would not. I WANTED TO STOP WHEN I WANTED TOO. I did try several times when Chucky was alive but it did not work. After Chucky's death I tried at least ten times to quit cold turkey. My niece told me if I got through six weeks, I had it made. I thought I did too, but then something made me angry and I went back to smoking. That was in 2010. I continued to smoke two packs a day. I have COPD, asthma and can barely breathe. One would think I would stop. I was in the hospital more than at work or home.

I finally stopped in June 2015 cold turkey. It is now October 2015 and I have no desire to go back to smoking because it is no longer cute to have a cigarette hanging out my mouth. I can breath a lot better now, although I have to use oxygen if necessary. My clothes do not have that smoke odor and I can taste my food.

First Published: October 30, 2015

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