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Nellie S., FL

Before cancer, doctors were not a thought for me. I was considered a very healthy and active woman. But lung cancer doesn't discriminate against, nonsmokers, age or gender.

Without any warning, except for a small swollen area on my neck, I was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. At a young age, 44, my life went a drastic change. After aggressive chemo and radiation we were able to shrink all visible tumors and remain on continuous chemo until I become resistant to this treatment. For that, regular scans are done.

The good news is that with the progression of cancer treatments today, I stand a fighting chance with other options to use later. In the first year I have learned a tremendous amount in types and specialties of medicine. Because cancer is not just one disease, it's many that are not assumed. I stumbled onto LUNG FORCE while looking for a support group which is held monthly at their Orlando location thru the ALA.

Having cancer is a forever changing process. Lung cancer is the #1 killer of women. My specific type, NSLC adenocarcinoma, now affects young female nonsmokers as well. Through LUNG FORCE I will be able to advocate for and help educate others about this.

First Published: October 23, 2017

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