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Melinda M., TN

I am 55 years old and quit smoking over 11 years ago, but was worried about lung cancer. As soon as I heard about the low dose screening CT scan I requested a referral from my doctor. The scan was performed in July, 2018 and was so easy! Just lay still while the machine moves around you.

I received the results of a 8 mm suspicious nodule in the right middle lobe. Recommendations were either wait three months and re-scan or move forward with referral to a pulmonary doctor for a bronchoscopy. I chose to move forward with the bronchoscopy which was performed in August.

Biopsy showed adencarcinoma lung cancer. VATS surgery was done on September 6th and all cancer was removed with no lymph node involvement. Cancer was classified as Stage 1B. My surgeon did not recommend chemo or radiation. I will have an X-ray in March and a scan yearly. I am so thankful that I took control of my health and requested the scan instead of waiting until symptoms developed! The scan has saved my life and can save many more.

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