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Linda A., MN

About 7 months ago I went in for a physical - everything was just "fine". Blood work everything is okay. For about 3 weeks I had has this stitch in my right side. It kind of felt like a kidney stone, which I have had before. In July, 2013 I went to the doctor to have him check it out. The next day I was having an ultrasound. That day the doctor's office called - he wants to see me that afternoon. He says my kidneys are fine - I have a mass on my liver that he would like to get checked and has me leave there and get a CT scan. He calls me later that afternoon that there are 2 small masses in my lung and a small/and large mass in my liver. Everything went fast from then on, I was sent in for a biopsy and got word - it was lung cancer stage 4. The cancer had spread to my liver. I am now getting chemo treatment, last word I received was the masses have shrunk, but I still don't understand why this was not found at my physical - oh, I think one problem is a physical only includes blood tests now - no x-rays, no urine tests etc.? Why is that anyway? I read an article about after 50 a CT should be done - this was the first time I had ever had one. They do mammograms and prostrate exams and colonoscopy. Why not CT scans? They would show any abnormality in the body??

First Published: October 29, 2013

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