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Kristy Q., IN

I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor at the age of 12 in my left lung. No history of lung issues or cancer in my family. It started out with being diagnosed with pneumonia twice and my pediatrician knew it was something more. After the pneumonia was not disappearing after a week hospital stay the pulmonologist was brought in. I had two lobes of my left lung removed within a month. No radiation or chemo needed.

After going for monthly checkups and then every six months, the following year, the tumor was back and I had to get rest of lung removed at 13. I am now 25 years cancer free. Routine check ups were done every six months for about six years post surgery.

The first four-to-five years were tough getting the right lung to expand and make up for the loss of the other. I do use an inhaler PRN but not very often at all. I try to keep active and keep this lung healthy.

First Published: June 25, 2018

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