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Jo Ann J., VA

I quit smoking after many decades on October 2, 2017, cold turkey. Woke up that morning, made a cup of coffee and lit one of three cigarettes in the pack. Started coughing about half way through and couldn't seem to stop, so I put it out. Lit it back up about an hour later same thing happened with the coughing. Put it out, looked at the other two and said, "Well, I guess this is the day, no more smoking." Had no withdrawal symptoms.

Saw my Primary Care Physician on 2/21/2018 for my semi-annual physical and was celebrating with her the fact that I had finally quit. She said, "Let me make an appointment for you to get a low dose CT scan to see what your lungs look like. Had scan on 2/23/18 (Friday). When I returned home from church that Sunday, doctor had left message wanting to discuss results of scan and would call me on Monday. Pulled up my chart and read the results. Nodule on left upper lobe on lung. Have to admit that was the hardest day of all, must have walked 20 blocks, paced in my backyard and house and cried.

Saw my doctor on Monday, the Oncologist on Wednesday and the Thoracic Surgeon the following Thursday. He told me when he would operate (4/2/18) and I would not need chemo/radiation. He would remove the cancer and lymph nodes. Of course, there was a series of tests to be performed and I was fortunate enough to pass each at 73 years of age. Cancer was the beginning of Stage One, (about the size of a green pea), had not grown or spread. Am forever thankful for my doctor recommending the low dose CT Scan, am positive it saved my life. Coming up on my 6 month followup with Oncologist in December 2013, don't expect any problems.

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