Jane J

Jane J.

My story starts like many others who have been diagnosed with lung cancer - it was all a fluke (and miracle) that it was ever discovered!

In 2012, I went into the doctors to check out what I thought was a routine issue, urinary tract infection, and ended up with a diagnosis of lung cancer. The situation progressed quickly from a stop in the emergency room with UTI symptoms to a chest x-ray because they wanted to ensure my heart was fine to a mass found on my lower left lung to low-dose CT scan to "the call."

I was fortunate to have aggressive and diligent doctors who knew the proper screening procedures to follow and the best treatment options for me. I'm most thankful for the support and love I received from my family and good friends during diagnosis and treatment.

The hardest part of the disease is knowing that you have limitations with lower lung capacity and the acceptance that you will never be the same. I wish people weren't so judgmental of lung cancer, cancer is cancer, and NO ONE deserves cancer. But I'm a fighter and I beat the odds. Just because I have lung cancer doesn't mean my life is over. I'm thankful that LUNG FORCE gives me a way to fight back and provide hope for others like me.

First Published: March 30, 2016

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