Heather I

Heather I., OH

I found out that my mother has lung cancer after several trips to the emergency room and overnight stays. It started in April with bronchitis and pneumonia. Mom also has asthma so a lot of times those went into overnight stays with lots of medication and chest X-rays. Finally, in September one of the hospital doctors said, "Let's look at this spot closer. I don't like how it looks." We went for an appointment with the thoracic surgeon that next week. The biopsy was on August 30th. The doctor came out and told me it was advanced lung cancer with lymph node involvement. No one was able to go with me. I sat in the lobby just crying. We went to cancer center but they needed testing that we should have had before getting to them. After doing that testing it indicated the need for another biopsy of the liver this time. Yes my mother now has non curable lung cancer.

First Published: October 23, 2013

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