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Hazel B.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer July 2014. I had pneumonia and they did chest x-ray and found a spot. I was diagnosed in stage 2. They did surgery and said they got it all. I was 72 years of age. I took chemo and my system got poisoned from it. My colon, in between the lining of my stomach and blood stream were wrecked - I spent 8 days in the hospital, had a port and did 21 days at home on antibodies for my damaged system. I have had to full body scans to see if I'm cancer free. I still have 4 more years to go before hearing I am cancer free. They said if it comes back, they cannot do surgery or radiation or not nothing for me. I'm praying it doesn't come back and I'm praying for all the people who have cancer or incurable disease.

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