Frida O

Frida O.

In March 2015, Frida O. thought she had walking pneumonia -- she had a low-grade fever and a cough that lasted for months. Only 28 at the time, Frida finally decided to go to urgent care where a chest X-ray found a lump in her lung and a CT scan confirmed a mass.

Frida was referred to a thoracic surgeon who took a biopsy, which confirmed stage 2 lung cancer. Within a month, she was on the operating table. The doctor removed the lower part of her left lung and the entire mass -- successfully.

Frida is now cancer-free for a year and a half. She feels extremely fortunate that her lung cancer was discovered early and that she listened to her body. She's now feeling better than ever and appreciates life. Currently studying biology, Frida was already set on going to med school before her diagnosis, but she says that it made her more inspired and gave her a drive to finish school and move on to medical school.

First Published: October 12, 2016

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