Frank M

Frank M., VA

Hello, I’m Frank McKenna and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 EGFR Lung Cancer. I have been a non-smoker health-conscious personal trainer since 1990 when in July 2016, a hacky cough sent me to my doctor who after a chest X-Ray identified fluid in my lung which was analyzed and shown to contain cancer cells. I had metastases in both lungs, my groin, hip, thigh, shoulder, and low back. My liquid biopsy showed an EGFR mutation, and I started a first line targeted therapy. After 3 months scans showed my cancer grew and spread to more areas, so I started a second line targeted therapy in December 2016. I steadily became healthier and in early 2018 scans showed I was NED. I continue my 2nd line treatment thankful for the funding and research that led to the treatment’s discovery less than one year before I was diagnosed. I have since expanded my personal training efforts by certifying as a Cancer Exercise Specialist in 2019 allowing me to run a wellness program for all cancer patients. My targeted therapy allows me to not only thrive but encourage other cancer survivors to “keep moving” through a cancer diagnosis. Giving back as a mentor, educator, advocate, and inspiration allows me to live my best life while taking others along on my journey.

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