Donna V

Donna V., OH

Went to a pulmonologist for new COPD medicine. She sent me for the scan because I was a long time smoker who had quit seven years before. It came back with a spot on the left low part of the upper lobe. I was then sent for a pet scan which lights up cancer. It showed that the spot was a cancerous spot the size of a pencil eraser. Found early, thank god.

They couldn't do surgery or a biopsy due to the condition of my lungs from COPD. They opted for radiation. The scans and radiation never bothered me at all except for some minor lower throat pain like reflux due the the spot being close to my esophagus. Medicine helped that. I had 20 treatments in four weeks, and I have to wait for two months to see if I am cancer free.

My doctor said in my case there is a 90% success rate, so I am very hopeful. The scan saved me. From what I hear there is mostly no pain that you can notice that would indicate lung cancer until it is further along when it could have spread to other organs. I am thankful I had this scan. I never found out what type of cancer it was. Please get this scan so you too can find out early enough to be helped. There is so little in this world to help but this will.

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