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Don G., CT

In April 2016, I had my first low dose CT scan. My primary care doctor thought they saw something. A month later I had my first PET scan. Pulmonologist confirmed it was lung cancer, stage 1. That July was my first wedge resection, on my top lobe of my right lung. March 2018, a small nodule was seen in my lower left lung. February 2019, the nodule had doubled in size. A month later I had my second PET scan, and lung cancer was confirmed in my lower left lung. That April was my second lung resection, but between the upper and lower lobe on my left lung this time. Stage 1 also. I beat cancer twice so that’s why the Lung Force Walk in Hartford, Connecticut means so much to me and my family. 2020 will be my third year walking.

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, | Dec 14, 2023