Diana A

Diana A., LA

I was a smoker for about 40 years. There were three years on Christmas Eve of 2015 that I had quit smoking. I got a cold I couldn't get rid of in January of 2016 and saw a doctor three times in a month. With two shots, three rounds of antibiotics, two bottles of Mucinex and a bottle of prescribed cough syrup, I was still left with a cough.

My doctor ordered an x-ray and with the results, they wanted a CT scan. The doctor then sent me to a lung doctor who said it was cancer at stage one. The lung doctor then ordered a PET scan and it showed that was the only cell and he then proceeded to perform the biopsy.

He then sent me to a surgeon who removed the top half of my left lung and sent lymph nodes off for testing. My results on my lymph nodes were negative. When I saw the oncologist she said it was stage 1B due to it starting to spread on the lining of the lungs.

I continue to monitor with CT scans. Just recently, my oncologist was worried about something that showed up a year ago and was slightly larger. They sent me to my surgeon who ordered a PET scan. Results were scar tissue, which was great news. We will continue monitoring with CT scans. No chemo or radiation was taken. It feels great to be a survivor and I thank God every day.

I urge anyone that can't get rid of a cold and smokes or, is a previous smoker to please get a CT scan. I knew my body and knew that after a round of antibiotics and a shot along with cough syrup and still had a cold that something wasn't right. People that smoke or are previous smokers should ask their family doctor to order CT scans because it could save your life if caught early.

First Published: October 25, 2017

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