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Denise G.

Fifteen months after losing my mother to lung cancer, my stepfather lost his battle with advanced COPD. He had quit smoking twenty years ago and did not suffer much over the years. Once COPD starts to progress, there is no stopping it. He did breathing treatments and took medications on a daily basis. At the age of 70, breathing was becoming a struggle. He could not walk or get around as much and getting through each day became harder and harder. He got to the point where he could not walk easily without it being a task. Doctors say it feel like being underwater and trying to breath for patients with this lung disease.

He was incubated to help his lungs fight the fluid but nothing could help the beast of this lung disease. They had him on this support to give him the best chance and hope for a miracle. Every day they would try to wean him off and it was unsuccessful. His choice was no incubation so after two weeks the life support was removed and he passed away ten hours later on at the age of 71. We need your voice to help everyone see this lung crisis and support the people who are still alive! With our help maybe they can stay alive. My mother and stepfather. Lung Cancer and COPD. I will support and raise awareness for this cause! Let's do something good together!

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