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Demetrice T.

Hello Ms. Patti and American Lung Association and who support in Lung Cancer awareness. My mom pass away of this deadly disease, March 25, 2013. She initially was diagnosed in 2009, in which surgeons removed part of the lobe to try and eradicate this deadly disease. However, it did return, covering 80% of her airways. As an only child, the news to call the family was enormous. Although there's no cure yet, it wasn't over as the doctors had informed me that she had very little time, like immediately. God spared her another nine additional months for us to rectify any unresolved issues and we did.

Though we knew time was limited, "It Ain't Over Til God says It's Over!" which became her favorite song sung by Ms. Karen Clark Sheard. I put my thing in storage, moved in her place where she was able to pass in peace with the help of an excellent oncology team and hospice. Though cancer took her all too soon (62 years young), it did not take the chance to gain the victory we gained: a mother and daughter's relationship was mended in the end that will last a lifetime in my heart. So you see, lung cancer did not win! Please take care of your body, help find the cure for those who may not have the same story as mine. God bless!

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | May 29, 2024
Freedom From Smoking Clinic
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