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Cathy P., PA

We found out today that my dad has stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. He was a perfectly healthy 79 year old man who started coughing in November of 2014. Doctors treated him for bronchitis but the antibiotics didn't help. In late January, they found a lesion/mass on his lower lobe of his right lung and fluid surrounding his lung. One liter was drained on a Wednesday. The following Monday, he went back to have a biopsy of the lesion. They found three more liters of fluid had accumulated in just a few days. He was in the hospital for 12 days trying to get the fluid under control. He came home on Friday and was very weak. He went to the oncologist the following Monday for his first consult. Still very weak, he asked to be admitted again. They plan to start chemo when he regains his strength.

My family cannot wrap our heads around this. He was the picture of health just a few short months ago. I am looking for any signs of hope and help. He has promised us he will fight it. Prayers to all suffering.

First Published: March 9, 2015

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