Cathy B

Cathy B.

"You have Stage 3 lung cancer." When I heard my diagnosis four and a half years ago, I immediately remembered my mother and her death from lung cancer 22 years ago. She died two weeks after her diagnosis while I remain cancer-free almost five years later.

Why? Progress in research. Progress in medically treating this killer of women - even those who are non-smokers. Progress in changing the public's attitudes toward lung disease so they realize lung disease CAN be detected early and successfully treated if each of us researches our family medical history, asks pertinent questions about our lung health at our annual checkups, and makes our own lung health - and that of our family - a top priority.

GIVE financially to underwrite continued research. PROTECT your lungs from dangerous fumes. CHECK for the reason behind a dry cough or hoarseness or shallow breathing. SUPPORT the American Lung Association in Tennessee, especially, our local Chattanooga Lung Association. Together, we can lower those deadly lung cancer mortality statistics. I rejoice and thank the Lord that I am living proof of what is possible through excellent health care professionals, a progressive research focus, and a caring local support community.

First Published: May 5, 2017

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