Carla P

Carla P., OK

Saved by the Scan!

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in March 2018. My internist suggested I have a screening CT scan of my lungs due to my history of smoking. The scan revealed a tennis ball size mass in my left upper lung and a nickel size mass in my lower right lung.

My journey began...I underwent chemo with immunotherapy and then radiation on just the smaller cancer in right lung.

I had been told that surgery would most likely not be an option for me because the cancer in my left lung was considered very large. My family and I were determined to find a surgeon who would consider operating on me and we did!!

In September 2018, I underwent removal of the upper lobe of my left lung and 24 lymph nodes. All nodes were negative for cancer and the tissue surrounding the left lung showed the cancer had not spread outside of the lobe.

Today I am able to share my story because I went for the screening CT scan and the hope for survival that was given to me by a fantastic team of surgeons and staff.

I urge anyone who is at high risk to please ask your physician to schedule the screening CT scan for you! It saved my life.

First Published: March 26, 2019

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