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Bob B., OH

On Sept 3, 2013 I came home from work feeling good. Had to go to bathroom and when I went - nothing but blood. Long story short, I ended up in hospital. I had a tumor on my left kidney the size of grapefruit. I had it removed and during surgery the urologist found nodules on my left kidney. A biopsy determined that it was stage 4 lung cancer.

I am now on a daily cancer pill. I take it for two weeks and then stop taking it for one week and it has worked. My next CAT scan showed they were shrinking. Then, in October, tumors started growing again. I am back on the pill - this time for two months then CAT scan again.

What I really want say is, all of us with cancer will fight. We make peace with our lives and live as best we can. I cherish my days and take it as it comes. I know the whole treatment plan could change anytime but we will deal with it. I pray daily for all my brothers and sisters who are also fighting for their lives. Be strong and share your story, It helps.

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