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Barbara P., GA

My family had a most brilliant, compassionate, successful, Christian husband, father, & relative, named Jack Byrd. Jack lost his life entirely too soon to tobacco & chemical products such as these. He was a firm parent; but, very fair. He absolutely loved listening to Lewis Grizzard & would go out of his way to help a fellow man.

They raised two fantastic children who are successful in their own fields. I remember, one time, he was driving me somewhere & all we did was listen to Grizzard and laugh along the road. He loved to go boating, fishing, scuba diving, & anything else family related. He tolerated the stories my father would tell over & over again. Took excellent care of his widowed mother to the best of his many abilities.

Jack was a graduate of Georgia Tech. He took early retirement so he & his wife could finally do some traveling & other things they put off while raising their family. Jack smoked as a young man; however, he had given it up for many years. It was early in his retirement that the sad, untimely, unfortunate circumstances occurred. He first developed lung cancer & fought it as hard as he could. After all, he had so much to live for. But, too no avail; it wasn't too long before it spread all through his body & affected his brain.

Thank God medicine has come along way since Jack Byrd lost his life. I just wish & pray that it was here for him; for a finer man never lived. Thank you for reading my story.

First Published: May 1, 2019

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