Angela H

Angela H.

My mother in law Linda was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer two years ago. First, it started small in one lung. She was still able to do many of that things she loved to do - go shopping, hang out with her family, visit the beach etc. After about a year of chemotherapy treatments and radiation she became very weak and a little depressed. Then we found the treatments were working but also that the cancer had spread.

Linda then tried some experimental treatments to prolong her life but we all knew it would never be the same. We watched her slowly get sicker and then we got the worst news that there was nothing else the doctors could do but make her comfortable until the Good Lord takes her, which was only a few weeks ago!

Linda was a strong women. Through all the pain, treatments and tons of doctor appointments she never complained once and always had a smile on her face. She made it a point to make everyone else around her smile as well. We miss her so much!

I am so grateful that she saw me marry her amazing son before she left us and we pray that she looks over us all. To all those who are fighting the same battle: keep a positive and strong attitude to beat it!!

First Published: October 22, 2015

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